Disaster Relief Ministry
Director: Cathy Pennington

Disaster Relief Ministry

We believe that Southern Baptists are under Scriptural and moral obligation to all mankind to provide a positive witness of the love of Jesus Christ.  He calls for Christians to demonstrate love in the relief of victims of disasters through the efficient and immediate use of the resources, time, and talents entrusted to us by our Lord.

Disasters affect many people. Christians naturally respond to the hurts of those around them and feel an obligation to minister in the name of Jesus Christ. Christians working together can accomplish much for the glory of God.  Individual efforts may be helpful but are often not as productive as cooperative and coordinated responses. Each person may have an understanding of his or her objectives without an overall vision for the need of everyone. A coordinated, cooperative team effort can harness the desires and energy of individuals into a productive, effective, and efficient force for Christ.  The disaster response team can provide direction for the potential energy of individual Christians and churches desiring to be or service in times of disaster. Through planning, training, and practicing, disaster response teams can provide leadership and expertise required in times of disaster.

Volunteers are always needed in the Disaster Relief ministry so if you would like to be involved, please contact Cathy Pennington at 575-746-2729. 


Disaster Relief Shower Unit Information

PVBA has a state-of-the-art shower unit that has six shower stalls and one laundry unit.

The disaster relief shower unit is a 40' triple axel trailer. It requires a 2 5/16" ball. There is a receiver ball hitch and stabilizer bars stored in the unit. The tongue weight is 1500 Lbs, and the maximum gross weight is 10,000 lbs. The tow vehicle must have a tow package with a 2 5/16" ball and the proper wiring to tow the trailer.  You will need at least a 3/4 ton vehicle to pull the shower unit.

For more details or to use the shower unit, contact the PVBA Office at 575-746-2729.


Disaster Relief help for Texas

I know all of you are following the devastation that is being experienced by those in Texas as a result of Hurricane Harvey and that you are praying fervently for those affected. I also know that many of you are wanting to know how you can help. When it comes to missions I always tell folks there are three ways to be on mission: pray, provide, and partner. These three means apply to helping during a disaster as well.


PRAY: Here is the start of a suggested prayer list to us and to share with your church:

   1) Pray for God’s peace and strength for those that have lost family members, houses, etc.

   2) Pray for first responders to be guided to those who are still waiting to be rescued.

   3) Pray also for first responders who have also experienced losses of their own to know God’s strength, peace, and provision.

   4) Pray for churches and pastors in the area as they seek to minister to the hurting and as they deal with damage to their facilities.

   5) Pray for God to send laborers from all over the country to help with assessment, mud-out, feeding, chaplaincy, and all other forms of disaster relief.

   6) Most of all, pray for open doors to share the love of Christ and the good news of the gospel in the midst of much pain and suffering.


PROVIDE: There are many worthwhile organizations that you can donate to, such as Samaritan’s Purse, the Salvation Army, or the Red Cross. The organization that I will be giving funds to and that I recommend is Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR). The yellow hats of SBDR are well recognized as one of the largest and most effective disaster relief organizations in the world. New Mexico Baptists and, more locally, our Pecos Valley Baptist Association have trained volunteers who will be joining Southern Baptists from across the country in going to provide assistance.

     You can go to www.namb.net and click on the link to provide aid for the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. If you would like to give to help our Pecos Valley disaster relief volunteers to provide help, go to www.pecosvalleybaptist.com. Click on the link that says, “MAKE A DONATION.” You willthen see the word, “Category.” Choose “Disaster Relief” from the choices and you will be guided on how to make your donation. Or, you can send a check made out to PVBA and designate it for “Disaster Relief.” Mail the check to: PVBA; P.O. 267; Artesia, NM 88211.


PARTNER: If you are a trained Disaster Relief volunteer and your certification is up-to-date, you have probably already received an ALERT e-mail asking you to be prepared when our units are deployed to Texas. Be sure to respond to this e-mail, even if you cannot go, so that adequate plans can be made and so that our state DR leaders know what kind of assistance we can


     If your certification is out-of-date or you have never gone through the training, but would like to earn your yellow cap so you can go to Texas to help, we will be scheduling two basic disaster relief training sessions to take place within the next two weeks. I hope to send the dates and times for these sessions out by tomorrow.

     Each training session takes two hours. Be aware that you will also need to have a background check done as part of the enlistment process, which you will have to pay for. 

     Be watching for information about the training sessions.


In soul-winning, Paul said that some planted, others watered, and God brought the increase. He went on to say that all who took part, regardless of their role, shared in the joy of the harvest. I think that principle applies here, as well. Some will provide, others will partner, hopefully all will pray. In the end, God will receive the glory and all will share in the joy of seeing hearts encouraged, lives restored, neighborhoods rebuilt, and best of all, souls won to Jesus. 


Ask God how He wants you to reach out and be on mission to the people of Texas . . . and then follow His call.